About Us

Back in 2000 three guys from the heartland of Indiana got the idea that they could bring a fresh and progressive attitude to the tired old real estate industry. Not necessarily to blaze a brand-new trail, but to pave one.

The concept gained traction and the business grew. In 2003 they opened a sister operation in Las Vegas. A powerful combination took place when the honesty and integrity of Midwestern roots met the understanding of the type of true client service one receives in the Mecca of VIP treatment.

Now the business is coast-to-coast operating in Indiana, Nevada, Florida, North and South Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, Arizona, Colorado and California.

How did this idea explode into a national brand?

Their award-winning web presence offers the technology desired by prospective home buyers and sellers with advanced algorithms, custom searches and loads of valuable information. Today's world demands real-time and comprehensive real estate access.

Their professional representation brings the honesty, integrity and client service one deserves when making such a major investment. Discriminating clientele should expect nothing less.